Backstage Bikini Boxing

YOU WONT BELIEVE HOW THIS MATCH ENDS!!! Watch as fan favorite Kati Summers goes one-on-one against the Grappling Champion Destiny Dumon. This is an unbelievably thrilling contest with two of the most drop dead gorgeous talents on the RingDivas® roster!!! Watch as someone gets COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY KOED in this boxing matchup!!! Don’t miss this unbelievable matchup!!!

Female Boxing Artwork

These brutal female boxing matches are courtesy of Fembox357. Fembox has his own Yahoo Group linked below as well as a deviant art page linked as well.

There is something about women boxing. There is also something about women boxing topless. And better still, when there is a real issue or dislike and the women lay it all on the line to defeat their opponent, there is really something about that.